Donation economy (Dana)

For  most  of our online courses and workshops, we do not charge a fixed price, but rather allow participants to decide how much they want to contribute. This is Dana, the practice of generosity.
This means you can pay whatever you wish, whenever it is convenient for you to do so. It doesn’t mean that our online courses are free! It just means that you decide what the teaching is worth to you.
In the contemporary world, the practice of Dana is also an attempt at building a new economical paradigm in which you take what you need and give what you can. Rather than entering into a provider / consumer relationship and going along with the capitalist assumption that everything has a price, we invite you to explore economic relationships which contribute towards a culture of sharing.
Of course, running such a site takes time and costs money, and the teachers also need financial contributions to make these online courses viable and continue developing them, but they appreciate that your financial circumstances might mean you cannot afford commercial rates and can only give little.
On the other hand, if your financial circumstances are comfortable and you value what we offer, you may consider giving generously to encourage us to continue!