Yoga Practice

Practice is the commitment to become established in the state of freedom.
(Patanjali's Yoga Sutras 1-13)

Be diligent is your efforts to attain liberation.
(the Buddha's last words)

Practice is what Sati Yoga is about. All classic yoga texts emphasize that it is only through regular practice that one progresses in yoga. Going to classes and workshops is useful to learn yoga, but practice is a solitary activity. Once you know enough to do a 15 minutes practice on your own, start your own practice.
Once a daily practice is established, the wisdom gained while on the mat (or cushion) supports the practionner as they move through their daily lives. One of the main priorities of any yoga teacher should be to help students establish their own home practices.

Sample practice schedules

Once you have decided how much time you are going to devote daily to your practice you need to design a practice schedule.

This section is designed to help you get a feel of what a balanced Sati Yoga practice may look like.
You are encouraged to adapt these sample practice schedules to suit your own need. A good teacher will be able to help you do this.

A few guidelines, however, should be kept in mind: